Industry experts, Mark LaLiberte, Justin Wilson, and Gord Cooke together establish a deep expert authority in building science. With over 70 years combined experience, our team presents best building practice methods and the “House as a System” approach which ensures that each part of the house is working in harmony with the other. 

Mark LaLiberte

Mark LaLiberte, a founding partner and President of Construction Instruction, devotes his time educating the building industry on the benefits of constructing durable, energy efficient and healthier homes through lectures, video series and publications.

Mark speaks nationwide to over 8,000 people annually, offering consulting and training sessions for building professionals, architects and major manufacturers. By performing on-site visits of builder’s homes, he is able to identify risks and opportunities for contractors from an independent perspective.

Mark has had the opportunity to take his expertise overseas, speaking to The Polish-American Builders Association in various cities in Poland through The Department of Agriculture and at The International Housing Fair in Tokyo, Japan through the Trade Office.

His passion for educating lies in knowing how vital the building industry is.  Building healthy, safe, durable and efficient homes has an effect on the buyer, the builder, the economy and the planet.  He believes there are no excuses for poor building and it is our personal responsibility to use the knowledge of today to build better.

Mark was first introduced to the building industry when he started framing houses just before getting his Solar Engineering degree from The Red Wing Energy Education Center.   He then worked as an engineer for Solarium Systems designing passive solar enclosures.  Mark was one of the founders of Shelter Supply, which at the time was the most innovative high performance materials supply company in the country.  As the founder of Building Knowledge, Mark wrote the content and managed the filming and editing of the industry’s first building science video series, “Building Better Homes”. 

One of Mark’s most proud accomplishments was when he built his Minnesota home with a HERS rating of 51 in the year 2001, when the HERS score of an average home then, ranged between 100 and 120. 

As a soccer buff, Mark played on an over 40 league for five years and coached his sons’ soccer teams in their earlier years.  While working as a guide in the boundary waters of Minnesota, Mark developed a love for backpacking, biking and canoeing.  In his spare time, he spends every chance he gets relishing in the adventures of the outdoors, traveling and spending time with his family.

Mark LaLiberte's Website: http://www.laliberteonline.com

Justin Wilson

Justin Wilson - Justin works with national and regional builders on new construction of residential and commercials buildings and forensic investigations on building sites all over North America to find solutions to problems in the building processes that affect energy, comfort, and durability. He also uses this insight to work with leading building product manufacturers on new product development, product refinements, installation and maintenance guidelines.

Thermal enclosure improvements, indoor air quality, occupant comfort, HVAC integration and design of homes are his primary industry interests.  He also has a passion for affordable net-zero energy homes with advanced and durable thermal enclosures.  As the Environment & Sustainability Manager with McStain Neighborhoods in Boulder, CO Justin was a key player in designing and developing several of the first production net-zero homes in the US. He knows about the good, the bad, and the ugly of production net zero building.

Justin’s Bachelor of Science Degree is in music. He is an accomplished Jazz and Classical musician who one time played Paul Creston's Concertino for Marimba and Orchestra solo to a live audience at full tilt.  Turns out, Justin’s love for music is only love; his passion lies in the building industry, which he discovered while swinging a hammer to make ends meet.  Since then, he’s studied mechanical engineering and physics, and has since worked as an Engineer at a plastic component manufacturing facility. 

These days, the Construction Instruction mobile app is Justin’s main part-time job and one of his proudest achievements.  It thrills him to watch the user base keep growing and it is rewarding to know that people are gaining valuable and innovative industry knowledge through the app.


Justin Wilson's Website: www.buildwithbps.com

Gord Cooke

Gord Cooke is a Principal Partner at Construction Instruction. He has over 25 years experience in the energy efficient residential building industry and a unique talent for applying his technical expertise in building science, HVAC systems, and indoor air quality to current building issues.

Based near Toronto, Gord passionately educates building professionals on better building practices — he is known for his ability to break down complex building science issues into understandable elements with practical real-world applications.  Gord has pioneered new training programs designed to help builders sell and market their higher performance homes.

As a young engineer, Gord helped design innovative ventilation products used in schools and homes across Canada and the US.  More recently has worked with government agencies and product manufacturers to evaluate innovative technologies for the building industry – including HVAC systems, solar water heating options, and insulation products.  

Gord was the first person to complete Canada Mortgage and Housing’s Indoor Air Quality Investigators program. He has conducted audits for homeowners with serious IAQ, mold and moisture problems and trains HVAC contractors, home inspectors, and health officials on how to do the same. 

Gord is passionate about innovative, energy efficient products and innovative building practices that meet and exceed building program guidelines. Accordingly, he works with manufacturers to develop these products and with builders to incorporate them into their homes. He values the long-term relationships he has built with these clients based on honesty, trust, good service, and mutual respect.  One of Gord’s proudest accomplishments is his long time association with EEBA as a board member, advisor, a certified trainer, and a developer of a variety of their training offerings and courses.

For the past forty years, Gord has dedicated time as a minor hockey referee, learning invaluable lessons while supervising and mentoring young refs who are just starting out.  He and his wife, Linda have started a project, building a cottage in Canada, which will definitely be a practical zero energy home – implementing all the products and technologies he encourages others to use.


Gord Cooke's Website: www.gordcooke.com

Deirdre Damron

Deirdre Damron, Construction Instruction’s Project Manager, is responsible for producing the animations seen on the Construction Instruction App.  While overseeing animations from concept to completion, she also plays a lead role in testing, updating and client management of the Ci App.

With her time spent working for a small architectural firm, she is experienced in all aspects of the building process from client meetings to drawing reviews to the physical construction of a home. Don't let her thick Irish accent fool you, Deirdre's Masters of Architecture and Bachelors Degree in Environmental Design, are both from the University of Colorado at Boulder — Not Dublin.  

One of her most gratifying accomplishments is when she worked on a team of designers who meshed new living space into an historic barn, preserving the architectural integrity of the old space while creating energy efficient and extremely livable new space.

Deirdre's understanding of the conflict and resolution of the roles of a designer and contractor stem from personal experience beginning just after college when she completely remodeled and added a second story to her first house. This understanding of the natural tension between design and build makes her a valuable asset to our team as our Project Manager.

Deirdre acquired a fascination for the building process while growing up in Ireland.  She was exposed to construction at a very young age when her father built their home without any formal training.  Watching a project evolve from foundation to finish excites her.  She has also been able to share her passion with her neighborhood after a fire devastated over 50 homes.  Since then, she’s been able to advise and lend a helping hand in the reconstruction of the neighborhood.  She has been a volunteer with the Sunshine Fire Protection District for almost ten years; managing mitigation projects, helping to organize community fundraisers and currently serves as president of the board.  Deirdre also loves water sports and traveling. She has kayaked several rivers in Colorado and traveled to many different countries. 

Amy Pardee

Amy Pardee, Construction Instruction’s Marketing Manager is responsible for the production and management of Ci’s marketing efforts, including our weekly newsletter and social media platforms.  She also plays a role in the logistical coordination for Construction Instruction’s live events and lends a hand in project support for the Ci Team. 

Though her experience in the construction industry is less than the rest of the team, Amy is enthusiastic when it comes to learning the tricks of the trade.  She is fascinated by energy efficient and net-zero homes and dreams of one day, building her own.

Amy’s diverse background is focused around customer service; she has ample experience in the restaurant industry as a bar manager and tender; she worked as a project manager, coordinating events for a large, live entertainment company in Denver, and spent two years as a flight attendant with a major airline.

Being a single mom to her beautiful daughter is Amy’s most proud accomplishment, next to being a member of Phi Theta Kappa, a prestigious honor society, at the local community college where she continues to satisfy her passion for learning.  Amy is a certified phlebotomist and volunteers what spare time she has, drawing blood for local health fairs and blood banks.  To gratify her love for the outdoors, Amy loves to hike and explore her beautiful home state of Colorado and anticipates the exciting adventures life has in store for her and her daughter!

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